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InterActive Splash Pads

For a smaller, more charming but equally explosive aquatic experience, try our InterActive Splash Pads! Our unique approach to interactivity and strategic placement of reactive toys elevates the experience for all—from age 3 to 80.

Splash pad design options

Get the value of our InterActive Play model at a much smaller scale. Limited on space? On a tighter budget? Want to dip your “toes in the water” before committing to a full-size waterpark? We can work together to design an aquatic play pad experience that fits your needs!

Customize Your Experience!

Our Splash Pad Designs are completely customizable, checkout a few of the layout options presented below to inspire your perfect water oasis! Looking for more ideas and some pricing information? We are happy to work with you to spec out your vision and present an accurate quote.  

    The Power of Play

    The arrangement of your chosen interactive water toys is completely customizable and made to maximize the play-value for all. Setup wompers and blasters across from one another to promote a friendly, competitive water game on the splash pad! The power of play is back in your hands.

    Let's talk about your future Splash Pad!