A photo of the button tucked into a tree inside the Orangutan enclosure that activates the splash zone at the Naples Zoo, feature developed by Interactive Play.

Interactive Experiences

Step Into a Custom Splash Zone Created for The Naples Zoo!

An oragutan handing in a tree with its baby
Location: Naples, Florida

Splash Zone at the Naples Zoo

Animal Enrichment

The splash zone adds a playful and enriching element to their day, stimulating their curiosity and providing them with novel experiences.

Guest Engagement

Children eagerly anticipate the chance to be sprayed by the playful apes, adding an exhilarating and memorable twist to their zoo visit.

Interactivity for Education

Adding play features to zoo exhibits fosters a deeper connection with the animals, promoting conservation awareness and education in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

Jellystone Park water play park by Interactive play at Gardiner, New York

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