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Splash Pads

Make a Splash in Your Commercial Space!


Every Detail Tailored for Creative Water Play

Venue Recommendation

  1. Recreational Facilities
  2. Parks
  3. Municipal Facilities
  4. Aquatic Facilities
  5. Outdoor Waterparks
  6. Indoor Waterparks
  7. Sports Clubs
  8. RV Campgrounds


Collaborate with our design engineers for customized color schemes, themes, and surface finishes such as flooring. Visualize your tailored splash pad with our stunning 3D renders.

  • Number and type of interactive water features
  • Color of all water play features
  • Theming
  • Graphics on Mini Power Plunge if included in your package
  • Flooring surface choice: customize color and add play value with floor design!


Shallow-depth pool or zero depth pool (typically little to no standing water)


Optionally add shock-absorbent, slip-resistant flooring.

Activation Post

Available for flow-through systems: The Activation Post, made of durable 304/316 stainless steel, incorporates a color-changing touch sensor at the top to efficiently manage water usage. The sensor boasts an IP69K rating and displays a changing color indicative of the time remaining before water features are turned off.

Park staff can easily adjust the timer using the PLC touchscreen.

Aquatic Play Collections

Jellystone Park water play park by Interactive play at Gardiner, New York

Our Latest Water Play Creations

Projects across a spectrum of venues, from waterparks and luxury campgrounds to zoos and more!

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