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Guest-controlled waterpark technology & structures

A new kind of waterpark

While other waterpark systems operate on water volume alone, visitors to InterActive Play water attraction experiences, are invited to interact with levers, switches and buttons that trigger computer sensors to activate water flow and pressurized air, greatly enhancing the visitor experience. Where visitors typically move through traditional aquatic play models in 15 minutes or less, our  water toys offer an elevated play value–and with our ultimate consideration for the true science of play, your guests will be entertained for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Take your water attraction to the next level with InterActive Play.

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Put the power of play, back in your hands

Designed for fun - Built for Safety

InterActive Play play structures, splash pads, and lazy rivers are engineered for minimal maintenance and designed to exceed industry standards. These play units are made entirely from fiberglass and powder-coated stainless steel, offering you the highest level of corrosion resistance and very little long-term maintenance. Our solution is safe and remarkably easy to operate!

Fully customizable

Now you can achieve the waterpark you always imagined! There’s no compromise with InterActive Play. Our play structures, splash pads and lazy rivers offer the ability to completely customize, scale unit size, specify the number and orientation of decks and form unlimited water slide paths. Couple that with our ever-changing new and improved interactive water features, makes finding the perfect match for your aquatic attraction vision, complete.

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The advantage of data analytics

Taking data to a whole new level

Setting the bar in providing analytical data, InterActive Play remote monitoring and access gives you the ability to control what’s happening inside your water park in real-time, from anywhere. With our full touchscreen interface you can maximize the value of your attraction by using data to make changes on-demand and with ease.

• Clear and approachable user interface design

• Mobile device and tablet accessiblity for changes that need to happen on-the-go

• Measurement tools that record frequency of use on each and every interactive toy.

Control like never before

With just a few simple twists you can take full-control of your waterpark. Prepare for the season’s end, routine checks, proper cleaning or whatever you run into! Each and every component of the system is engineered with waterpark owners in mind.

• Lighted & fused terminal blocks

• Electrical enclosures & IP67+ connections with clear panels to minimize the need for open/close diagnostics

• Full labeling of all circuits


Since installing our [InterActive Play]  water play structure, I have seen an increase in park attendance of over 10% … It is the one area of the park that is constantly busy, even when it is the end of the day and some other areas of the park are not being utilized. They are also staying longer! I have now installed more cabanas around the structure, which has been the number one area that is constantly sold out. “Pirate’s Cove” water play structure is a major hit and a great addition to our amusement park!

Sandra Greiner
Waterpark Manager – Cape Coral, FL


We have worked with InterActive Play on several past waterpark projets and are currently working on several upgrades and new additions to our portfolio. InterActive Play continually delivers on-time, high-quality waterpark designs and systems that are setting the bar in the industry for technology and water play value. The additions to our waterparks have resulted in a steady increase in revenues and attendance and we look forward to the continued partnership.

Zachary Bossenbroek
Chief Executive Officer – Northgate Resorts

Minimize the maintenance. Factor-in the data. And let “play” be fun again.

If you’re a waterpark owner, aquatic park recreational manager or in any way part of making the next big-decision for your organization, don’t hesitate to get in-touch today. Our team at InterActive Play is equipped with the know-how to outfit your project with state-of-art sensor-driven play features. Putting the power of play back into the hands of your guests.