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Lazy River Design Choices

Choose the rivers:

  • River Scale Selection: Tailor the lazy river’s size to suit your preferences.
  • Customize the Shape and Course of the River: Craft the path of the lazy river to match your desired layout and riding experience.
  • Adjust River Floor Depth: Set the depth of the river floor according to your comfort level, typically ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 feet deep.
  • Flow Rate Modification: Fine-tune the flow rate of the lazy river, typically ranging from 0.5 to 2 miles per hour, adjusting speeds as the river narrows or widens.

Interactive Customizations

Our interactive lazy rivers are typically built with five interactive zones in addition to a bridge with attached “gutterfalls”. Interactive water toys and associated zones can be customized to fit the needs of your park. Below are a few examples:

  • Zone 1: contains our thump pump water features with depth charges on the river floor and our “explosive” crate and barrel with activation trellises.
  • Zone 2: contains two water blasters with activation devices.
  • Zone 3: contains our pour-over cannon, allowing a patron on the pool deck to soak the riders in the river. Additionally, this section contains a cannon and water bender.
  • Zone 4: contains our water war zone, where several different features are activated by color-coded trellises; water players on the pool deck can engage in the fun with patrons in the river.
  • Zone 5: contains the shooting gallery, a gamified experience for kids of all ages to enjoy our water blaster toys.

Minimum Required Footprint

The minimum footprint for a lazy river typically depends on various factors such as desired length, width, depth, and design constraints. However, a rough estimate for a basic, small-scale lazy river might be around 100 feet in length and 10 feet in width, although larger dimensions are more common for a more enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that additional space will be required for surrounding amenities, landscaping, and safety considerations.

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Lazy rivers are an enjoyable feature at often found at commercial resorts, water parks, luxury campgrounds, and sports clubs, providing a delightful and relaxing experience for people of all ages.
  • Relaxation: Offer a casual meandering float
  • Inclusive Appeal: Suitable for various age groups and abilities, a great family fun attraction
  • Incorporate Fitness Classes: The river's resistance and water flow provide an excellent chance to offer low-impact fitness workouts for those seeking gentle physical activity.
  • Interchangeable Entertainment: Create a schedule where the lazy river goes from a casual float mode, to an interactive fun aquatic ride-like experience
  • Fun for Kids: Add features that gamify the river and entice kids, such as shooting galleries, dump buckets, cannons, detonators and more
  • High Patron Throughput: Lazy rivers offer a high patron capacity for the square footage investment
  • Unique Design Options: Lazy rivers can be customized with unique themes and enhance the overall beauty and atmosphere of a commercial space
Lazy rivers differ from pools as they utilize jets and pumps to maintain a continuous current. Some lazy rivers form loops, providing an endless circuit, while others offer a linear experience. Lazy rivers offer your guests more of an "aquatic ride" experience, especially with the introduction of interactive features.
Proper maintenance of a lazy river involves regular checks on pumps and motors. Maintain a balanced chemical composition, including pH, chlorine, and bromine, to keep the water clean and free of irritants.
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