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InterActive Lazy Rivers

Now you have the ability to add cutting-edge play value to the traditional lazy river. Blaster zones, an overhead trellis and hidden detonators create unexpected fun and excitement for all ages. This well-known waterpark attraction may be more crazy than “lazy” after all.

A Place for Everyone to Play

While the lazy river was originally designed for a casual, enjoyable float—we all know how “expected” they typically turn-out to be. But with the power of InterActive play, we can turn your lazy river into quite the adventure. Transform this once-was, “peaceful” getaway into a water attraction like no other; featuring sensors, activators and six zones of water play fun!

Zone #1

This zone contains 4 Thump Pumps with depth charges, 2 Activation Trellises with 2 activation devices each, 2 Explosive Crates, and 2 Explosive Barrels. The Thump Pumps activate depth charges located in the river’s floor. The Activation Trellises activate a Crate or Barrel to get the person on the bank standing at the Thump Pumps wet. The activation devices and depth charges are staggered so the patrons in the river are not limited to retaliatory strikes against the patrons on the bank or vice versa.

Zone #2

This zone contains two Blaster Trellises that have two blasters each. Each Blaster Trellis has two activation devices that activate the blaster above. The blasters are pointed upstream or downstream along the lazy river’s path so that the Blaster Trellises are facing each other. They are pointed to keep the water inside the river and cannot be aimed by park patrons. This zone is located on a straightaway section of the river so that patrons can see if the blasters hit their mark. Alternately, with only an over the air program update, the activation device could activate the remote blaster if desired.

Zone #3

This zone contains an Activation Trellis, a Pour Over, a Cannon, and a Water Bender. The activation devices on the cross river trellis control the Cannon and Water Bender. The Water Bender is pointed towards the Pour Over, in order to pre-emptively strike someone at the Pour Over. The Cannon is pointed down river, and is directed to keep the water in the lazy river. This Cannon is not aimed by waterpark patrons.

Zone #4

This zone contains a Single Down Jet Trellis, a Dual Down Jet Trellis, a Fanatic, a Pop Top, and a Whitewash. The patrons on the bank can activate the downjet features built into the trellises by activating the Fanatic, Pop Top, or Whitewash pull ropes. However, by doing so they put themselves within range of the water spray that is controlled by the activation devices on the trellises. The down jet attachments on the trellises are color coded to the interactive that controls it. The ropes for the activation device are color coded to the interactives that they activate.

Zone # 5

This zone contains a Shooting Gallery and 3 Beanstalk Blasters with a built in self drenching feature. The patrons in the lazy river will not be the direct target of the blasters on the bank. However, by shooting the targets in the gallery correctly through different game modes, fountains will activate and spray water into the river. There will be two game modes: single and multiplayer mode. Single player mode will be where the patron at a single Beanstalk Blaster races a clock to blast enough water into the target. There will be two multiplayer modes. 

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In the competitive multiplayer mode, two or more of the Beanstalk Blasters will compete against each other to fill a pre-determined amount of water into their targets. In the cooperative multiplayer mode, two or more Beanstalk Blasters will work together to fill a pre-determined amount of water into their collective targets. Winning the chosen game mode will result in activation of the fountain nozzles directed at the river. Losing the chosen game mode will result in the blaster operator getting drenched from the built in shower head. The built in interactive displays on the Shooting Gallery will keep the players informed to the game mode and motivated during the games. The built in color changing touch selector will allow for choosing game modes and will be color coded to the respective game.

The Bridge

There is a gutter fall feature built into the side of the bridge on the downstream side. This creates a steady waterfall that is on all the time and not controlled by waterpark patrons. The waterfall is not wide enough to span the entire river, so park patrons can choose to go through it or not by maneuvering where they are on the river.

The Power of Play

What was once calm, is now playful! Get in on the fun with an InterActive Lazy River experience!

Let's talk about your future Lazy River!